can you use dip powder on toes

Can you use dip powder on toes? Yes, you can use dip powder on your toes. However it is not something that's easy to do and not a method that salons or nail technicians will do for you, for difficulty and sanitary reasons. If you plan to put dip powder on your toes then you'll need to buy an at home dip nail kit. It's really no different than dipping your fingers in the powder.

Does dip powder on toes last a long time?

Yes, dip powder on the toes will last a long time, just as it would on your nails, maybe even longer. Personally the color on my toes usually lasts longer than on my nails because I use my hands more than my feet (I blame you, Mr. Computer). 

Is it difficult to apply dip powder to your toes?

Honestly, it depends on the person whether or not it will be difficult to apply nail powder to your toes. Are you very bendy? I hope so! Even applying nail polish to your toes without outside help can be a little tricky (me an my mom always swapped toes and helped each other out!), and since dip powder is more complicated than nail polish, it will be even more difficult to apply the powder smoothly. It takes a very gentle, smooth motion to dip your toe in the powder. Not to mention some people have very big toes! Hopefully yours will fit in the jar. I know my big toe would struggle. There's also the issue of powder spillage. If you spill powder doing your nails, think of how much messier it will be trying to do your toes!

In conclusion, yes you can use dip powder on toes, but is it worth it?

It's quite difficult to dip your toes in the powder without making a huge mess, even with help. Toes are soooo less nimble than fingers! It's not something that we'd recommend doing but if you practice enough I'm sure you'll get those toes looking glamorous in no time. I mean, even regular nail polish lasts like 2 weeks on my toes (and only 2 days on my fingers!) so I wonder how long toe dip nails will last....

Have you tried dipping your toes in nail powder before? How did they come out? Was it difficult? Let us know in the comments!

April 12, 2021 — Fairy Glamor
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Salenaday said:

I used dip on my toes. It’s easier to sprinkle it over than to dip it! They came out way better than expected!

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