spring dip nail powder collection

Our spring nail powder collection is available now!

Choose from four new color-shifting glitters themed for spring: Bunbun, Spring Song, Easter Lily, and Pastel Prism. These colors are special editions, so they won't be back for a year or more once they're gone.

pastel prism dip nail powder color

While we normally do collection sets of 6, our weighing machine unfortunately broke (again..) so we had to cut the collection short to 4 colors. Easter Lily is also a delayed release because we were in the middle of finishing that color when the machine broke. We'll be making and restocking Easter Lily within the next week or so, but the other Spring colors will be retiring once they sell out.

We hope you like the new pastel-y collection! Which one is your favorite?

April 13, 2022 — Fairy Glamor
Tags: new release

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